• Predicts “Alive” Sex Dolls and Realistic AI Avatars on Dating Apps

NEW YORK (Agencies): Former Google X chief business officer, Mo Gawdat, has predicted that artificial intelligence (AI) advancements could lead to the creation of “alive” sex dolls and realistic AI avatars flooding dating sites. He believes that the convergence of AI, virtual reality, and augmented reality may revolutionize love and relationships, causing a significant redesign of societal norms.

Gawdat pointed out that alternative sexual activities, such as virtual reality sex simulations, are already prevalent. He emphasized that the brain plays a crucial role in sexual experiences, and AI can easily simulate physical aspects. With advancements like Neuralink, which connects directly to the nervous system, he questioned the need for human companionship in the future.

The former executive argued that joy, companionship, and sexuality are signals in the brain that could be simulated with AI. He downplayed debates about AI sentience, emphasizing that if people believe they are interacting with a particular personality or figure, whether human or AI-generated, it may not matter.

Gawdat also highlighted the financial incentives in developing AI technology for dating apps. He mentioned apps like Replica, which use AI chatbots to mimic users’ writing styles and form connections, attracting millions of users. He predicted that future dating apps might offer AI avatars for users to date.

Despite the potential financial benefits and technological advancements, Gawdat acknowledged the eerie nature of these developments and admitted uncertainty about their implications for society.

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