RIYADH (Agencies): The Joint Arab Islamic Extraordinary Summit in Riyadh concluded with a resolution condemning Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people. The leaders of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and the League of Arab States merged two summits in response to invitations from Saudi Arabia and Palestine. The resolution expressed joint condemnation of Israeli aggression in Gaza and the West Bank, pledging to address humanitarian catastrophe and cease all illegal practices perpetuating the occupation.

The summit thanked Saudi Arabia’s leadership for its hospitality and reaffirmed support for OIC and Arab League resolutions on the Palestinian cause and occupied territories. It welcomed the UN General Assembly Resolution A/ES-10/L.25 and emphasized the centrality of the Palestinian cause, calling for a “just, lasting, and comprehensive peace through a two-state solution.”

Key points of the resolution include condemning Israeli aggression, demanding an immediate cessation, breaking the siege on Gaza, supporting Egypt’s efforts, and urging the UN Security Council to take decisive action. The resolution called for an end to arms exports to Israel, the investigation into war crimes, and legal and political initiatives for accountability.

The summit rejected double standards in applying international law, warned against the expansion of the war, and emphasized the rights of Palestinian refugees. It condemned hate speech, killings of civilians, and assaults on holy sites, calling for a nuclear-weapon-free zone in the Middle East. The resolution called on the international community to launch a serious peace process, rejecting proposals that perpetuate Gaza’s separation.

The leaders assigned the Secretary-Generals of the Arab League and the OIC to oversee the resolution’s implementation and present a report at upcoming sessions. The summit concluded with a call for immediate international action to halt the war, pressure for political processes, and support for the Palestinian people’s rights.

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