ANKARA (Agencies): A team of researchers from Turkish and US universities has been studying the Durupinar formation on Mount Ararat in Turkey for a year, examining soil samples and rocks to determine if this boat-shaped site may contain the remains of Noah’s Ark.

Durupinar formation has been considered a potential resting place of Noah’s Ark for many years, although scientists have consistently asserted that it’s a natural formation and there’s no geological evidence of a global flood as described in religious texts.

Some believe a more localized flood may have occurred. While the research has revealed evidence of human activity in the area, particularly in the years following the supposed flood of Noah’s Ark, the researchers emphasize that it’s not possible to definitively conclude that Noah’s Ark is located in this spot. The team collected soil samples from the area, which contain “clayey materials, marine materials, and seafood,” potentially supporting the idea of human activity in the region.

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