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Shocking was to see Pakistani representative at ICJ announcing two states solution to Palestinians’ genocide at Gaza. It appears, global forces are influencing Pakistan:
“If Arabs are willing to accept Israel, why not Pakistan? which has no relevance in the middle East?”
This must have disturbed founder of Pakistan in heavens, who categorically declared Israel is an illegal state and Pakistan does not accept it. Jews negated message of Allah by constantly killing prophets and have falsified, Palestine is their birth land. To further substantiate legality, Israel was created in 1948 replicating religious ideological basis of Pakistan.

Deviation from ideology of Pakistan is being imposed through constant anti-state elements. Anti-Jinnah thoughts of Molana Azad labelling independent Pakistan a blend of mess, are being propagated through media. Azad’s thoughts were misconstrued due to Martial races of the proposed areas of Pakistan. Azad repented later and got convinced in his last age, Jinnah was absolutely right in getting a separate state for the Muslims of India. After developing differences with Hindu leaders, Azad spent his last five years away from politics.

Kashmir the corner stone of foreign policy is being downplayed thru its’ annexation to Bharat on 5 Aug, 2019. Acceptance of two state solution of Palestine, will eliminate Pakistan’s stance of Kashmir and UN resolutions. Instead of representation of statistical data of atrocities of human rights violations in Kashmir, slogans of nuclear conflict are being raised us. World calls it a nuclear blackmail and emotional slogan. Bharti abolishment of article 370 of the constitution is a violation of clause 41 and 42 of UNO article 7. Due to deviating national policies, we could not even call a UNSC session. Lust of power and weak inner strength could not convince the world, East Timor and Darfur gained independence immediately within the ambient of UNO on the same pretext. We are not allowed to question who was the Governor General of Bharat, when it took the Kashmir issue to UNO in 1947?

Pakistan is defamed for nurturing terrorism. Leading question is, if Palestinian and Kashmiri freedom fighters are terrorists, how would one gauge George Washington and Nelson Mandella?

Iqbal and Jinnah’s presentation in media is lessened. Foreign dignitaries are not being taken to visit mausoleums of Jinnah and Iqbal. Three principles of Quaid-e-Azam “Unity, Faith and Discipline” have been deviated to “Teen Talwar” at Clifton Karachi. Public places like “Ziarat residency” are being destroyed, Iqbal’s poetry has been deviated to political slogans and campaigns. Deviation has affected conclusive debate.

National assets (roads /electricity transformers/sign boards/traffic signals/hotels/ATMs/bus stations etc.), parliament house, courts, radio stations, military installations are not safe today due to vandalism. Inciters get off alleging unknown for this hooliganism. Anti state elements are promoting chaos and disorder. While polarizing society, common citizens are believing “One sided and half-truth”. Rights are reserved for Perception of “Rights and Duties”. We are being misled un-consciously through perceptions’ change. Continuously criticizing the country without giving solutions makes someone popular but is merely a jugglery, which the target audience do not perceive. Highest level personalities quoting constitutional rights are not aware of the total No of clauses of our constitution. They only tell us of one clause and do not tell the clause is to be read in conjunction with another clause to explain the spirit of the law. Media projection has engrossed deeply in institutions and despite availability of PRO in every department, officials engage into controversaries. Executives have hours for their media projection but not for practical work for public services.

To be in media people share false snaps of disorder/protests/natural calamities/crimes/ extremism/low lying affected areas, projecting failure of Govt offices. Media-persons especially select the weak areas for projecting the shortcomings. Minds are blocked to think, there are bottlenecks in every system in the developed states, but those nations do not project them internationally. To put the records straight, point of view of Government officials is not taken. Nowhere, in the world it is possible to run all the time the fire vehicles (with limited fuel and water capacity), big machineries, police mobiles, NDMA and irrigation offices on 24/7 basis. Right of expression and creating disorder have a thin line difference. Big powers have the right to ban “X” twitter but Pakistan is being asked to allow all types of websites being freedom of expression.

Unfortunately, courts’ decisions (public rights) are becoming controversial. Even decisions of High courts are being reverted by the Supreme court? Lawyers and media create hype by projecting particular law suit, giving an impression this is the most important issue for the state today. One case is pleaded in different courts of the country at the same time. Judges are asked to wait for the lawyer instead of being vice versa.

In the internal melee we have also reduced official functions on 16 Dec, in remembrance of “Fall of Dacca”. Our curriculum is being changed to deviate from our Islamic ideology. Hardly fifteen years before, Surah-e-Tauba was eliminated from basic syllabus on the pretext, students can’t remember it by heart, being too lengthy. The responsible corners forgot the entire Holy Quran is still being remembered by heart in all parts of the world. Only a few years back, during a cricket match at South Africa, one of the SA cricketers, called the Pakistani spectators as “Animals” due to their wild behavior in the stadium.
Lack of confidence is suffering our mental health. Even top level is promoting defiance, disobedience, enmity and personal grudges. This is promoting irritation level, loss of temper and aggression effecting mental strength. We are unable to reply to international community due to a lurking fear “I am a thief nation….my leaders are corrupt except my favorite one…my country is going to fall soon etc.”. Anti Pakistan forces have forced us losing confidence on government institutions. We feel pride in disrespecting country internationally, without a thought no one does this in the global community. Opportunist international forces are exploiting good guys defaming Pakistan would be getting political asylums, financial benefits and winning of international awards like “Oscar” and “Noble”. Our sitting ambassador Hussain Haqqani is the only example in the world who opted for political asylum for personal gains. Stalwarts of nationhood did not speak or protest to UNO when, Prime Minister of Bharat openly admitted in his speech at the Bangladesh Parliament on 23 Dec, 2015
“He is a stalwart who managed disintegrating Pakistan in 1971”.

He again, said on Bharti Republic day parade on 26 Jan, 2018,
“We have to support the Baluchistan and people of Giglit-Baltistan in getting independence”.

We did not comprehend to go to UNSC on Bharti aggression on 26 Feb, 2019. Every now and then, personalized and politicized trends are initiated on social media. Had these signing-petition were for Kashmir, Aafia Siddiqui and against foreign involvement in the country, at least Afia Siddiqui would have been released. Her name was exploited in begging votes but never discussed at any international forum after winning the election. Betrayal of Dr Shakil Afridi in hunting Osama Bin Laden, has not been projected as severe blow to Polio campaign. Mental weakness is leading to thinking, change your mind-set or be ready to be an example like Saddam and Gaddafi.

All types of problems are being faced by almost every state in the world, but nowhere their people/media/opposition asks international community to intervene or stop all types of assistance to the country. Societies all over the world adopt disciplined dialogue and resolve their internal matters. International media post-mar tums Pakistani small incidences but would not present alleged forged Trump’s elections, French president’s financial bungling, Putin’s autocratic government, Moodi’s Muslim’s massacre, one party’s rule, Kingdoms’ rulings, Family’s rule for centuries and Israel’s genocide of Palestinians.

Pakistani positive things are nowhere highlighted by our media. Abdus Sattar Edhi foundation, Data base of NADRA, digitization of govt offices, OGDC explorations, Sports industry, Textile exports, production of electrical appliances, developments in agriculture, educational institutions, representation at NASA/World Bank/UNO and its’ agencies, construction of dams, growth of crops, donations/charities, best canal system of world and fraternity are not projected in the media. We are recipient of Noble prizes. We have all types of ground features i.e. mountains, deserts, sea, sea-ports, hilly areas, plain lands, forests, rivers. We produce citrus, peach, rice, wheat, cotton, pulses, mangoes and all types of dry fruits. We are rich in diversified food, dress, languages, music, art, culture, traditions, history, geography and climate. We are inheritors of a proud history, culture and traditions and have to believe in ourselves to be a winner. Surely, Pakistan is blessed with more Blessings of Almighty than described in Surah Rehman. Al-Quran says “Allah loves those who stand fast in His way like a solidified lead wall (4/61)”. At another place the Holy book says “La-Tuqnatoo (never be hopeless of Blessings of Allah” (39/53). We have a bright future to stand united; as taught by Quaid-e-Azam. Though in trying times but will come out of the crisis, if we stick to our ideology and integrity.

Preaching of Jinnah and Iqbal are the teachings of our religion, culture and history. Our political thoughts have to be influenced by thinking nationally. It is said

“Forgetting one’s history leads to obliteration of its’ geography”.
Geographical changes of Muslim states like Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Indonesia and Bosnia must serve a lesson to us.

Mukhtar Masood in his book “Avaaz-e-Dost” says “Minaret of Pakistan is the first important icon after Alamgiri mosques’ Minarets. Both the marvels have a period of three centuries between them. I was mourning the three centuries lost, when Minaret of Pakistan bowed and whispered in my ears “When mosques are less attended and learning places are dislodged, Jihad is replaced with stagnancy, fiction takes over the facts, personal interest precedes the national interest, and unity is over ruled by compromises. When Muslims are afraid of death and desire for worldly luxuries, then centuries are lost like this.”

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