• The Conservative Party leader had lost the support of MPs after a botched ‘mini-budget’
  • Boris Johnson plots his return as UK PM

British Prime Minister Liz Truss announced her resignation on Thursday, having spent just 45 days in office. She has become the shortest-serving premier in UK history.

Truss’ rapid downfall follows a series of political missteps and the resignation of several members of her government, including Home Secretary, Suella Braverman earlier this week.

Pressure for Truss to step down from within her own Conservative party has been mounting since last month.

Speaking outside 10 Downing Street, Truss said she had tendered her resignation as leader of the Conservative Party to King Charles.

She acknowledged that she could not “deliver the mandate” she had been elected on in early September, adding that she came to power at a time of “great economic and international instability.”

Truss also revealed that a vote to determine the Conservative Party’s new leader, and the UK’s new head of government, will be held “in the next week.” For the time being, she will remain in a caretaker capacity, the outgoing PM added.

With just 45 days in office, Truss has become the shortest-serving prime minister in the country’s history. Previously, George Canning held that dubious distinction, having stayed in office for 119 days before passing away in 1827.

Clouds first began gathering over Truss in late September, just weeks after she came to power, with a mini-budget devised by her and then-Chancellor of the Exchequer Kwasi Kwarteng sending shockwaves across the financial markets.

The pound hit an all-time low in response to the major tax cuts announced by the British government, with Truss and Kwarteng forced to make a U-turn on the plan to abolish the top income tax rate of 45% on high earners.

  • Boris Johnson plots his return as UK PM – media

The former British leader is reportedly pondering a political comeback now that his successor, Liz Truss, has resigned

Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is reportedly plotting his return to power at 10 Downing Street, looking to replace Liz Truss after she resigned just 44 days after becoming his successor.

Several Conservative Party (Tory) lawmakers are already suggesting that Johnson be brought back as prime minister, according to reports on Thursday by the Times of London and other media outlets. Johnson, who is on vacation in the Dominican Republic, is contemplating whether to finish his trip as planned or “fly back and re-enter the political fray,” the Times said, citing unidentified sources.

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