MOSCOW (Agencies): Startling developments have unfolded as two unmanned aircraft reportedly targeted the Russian city of Kurchatov, situated adjacent to the Kursk Nuclear Power Plant, according to Roman Starovoyt, the Governor of Kursk Region.

Governor Starovoyt communicated through his Telegram channel, revealing that in the early hours of the morning, Kurchatov experienced an attack by two Ukrainian drones.

The incident resulted in damage to both an administrative building and a residential structure. As of now, there have been no immediate reports of damage to critical infrastructure, including the Kursk Nuclear Power Plant.

Emergency services have swiftly responded to the situation, currently assessing the extent of the damage caused by the attack.

This event marks a significant escalation in regional tensions, particularly considering the sensitive location of Kurchatov in close proximity to a nuclear power facility. The incident is likely to evoke heightened concerns regarding security and potential consequences in the surrounding area.

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