KYIV (Agencies): British defense contractor BAE Systems is set to establish a production presence in Ukraine, as announced by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.

The company’s plans involve the manufacturing, maintenance, and provision of spare components for a diverse range of weaponry. BAE Systems aims to “localize production in Ukraine” for British L119 firearms, US M777 howitzers, and Swedish CV90 infantry fighting vehicles, President Zelensky disclosed during a recent announcement.

Additionally, plans are underway to inaugurate a BAE Systems office within Ukraine, as revealed by Zelensky on his Telegram channel following a meeting with the company’s leader, Charles Woodburn. President Zelensky shared that the enterprise has already commenced its operations in Ukraine, highlighting the productive discussions held with CEO Charles Woodburn. He expressed gratitude for private companies choosing to establish offices in Ukraine during this critical period, emphasizing the positive impact on the country’s economy and security.

An agreement on cooperation for the localization of BAE Systems weaponry production has been formalized between Ukraine and the British arms manufacturer. As part of this accord, BAE Systems will engage in the production, servicing, and distribution of spare parts for the new L119 light guns.

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