BEIJING (APP): China’s envoy to the United Nations (UN) has called for an end to double standards on counter-terrorism.

“Terrorism remains a significant challenge that threatens international peace and security. In the face of the complex and grave counter-terrorism situation, there is an urgent need to strengthen international counter-terrorism cooperation,” Zhang Jun, China’s Permanent Representative to United Nations said, according to CGTN on Friday.

Dduring a General Assembly’s debate on the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy, Ambassador Zhang Jun said China supported the UN’s crucial role in coordinating efforts among countries to combat terrorism.

“There is no good or bad terrorism. There should not be double standards in counter-terrorism, including focusing only on combating terrorist organizations that threaten oneself while turning a blind eye to terrorist organizations that harm other countries or even use them to interfere in other countries’ internal affairs,” he added.

The response to terrorism threats, he said, could not stay superficial but must focus on eliminating the root causes that breed terrorism.

“Military action alone cannot eradicate terrorism. Counter-terrorism efforts must address both symptoms and root causes, respect the leading role of the countries involved, and eliminate the root causes of terrorism through a comprehensive approach, which includes eliminating poverty, increasing employment, respecting the diversity of civilizations and enhancing social inclusion.”

Support for member states’ counter-terrorism efforts should focus on capacity-building, said Zhang.

Developing countries, he said, “face the double challenge of inadequate counter-terrorism capacity and insufficient resources. UN counter-terrorism resources should be pivoted toward countries at the forefront of counter-terrorism.

“The UN should strengthen the coordination of extra-budgetary counter-terrorism resources; divert more funds to step up counter-terrorism legislation, judicial and law enforcement capacity-building in developing countries; and support countries in enhancing their capacity to prevent the cross-border movement of terrorists and combat cyber-terrorism so that counter-terrorism assistance can produce tangible results.”

He stressed that there was a need to pay great attention to the security situation in Afghanistan.

“Terrorist organizations, such as the Islamic State Khorasan Province, al-Qaida, and the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, are wreaking havoc in Afghanistan and operating and carrying out activities in China and Central Asian countries, seriously threatening regional peace and security. All parties should jointly combat the terrorist organizations listed by the UN Security Council and prevent Afghanistan from becoming a gathering place for all kinds of terrorist organizations,” he said.

He said China was ready to work with all countries to jointly combat terrorism, a public enemy of the international community – upholding the concept of building a community with a shared future for mankind – and continue to make positive contributions to international counter-terrorism cooperation.

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