BEIJING (APP): China recently conducted multiple military exercises with countries including Pakistan, Thailand and Singapore that have enhanced joint operational capabilities and deepened friendship, experts said.

The China-Pakistan Shaheen (Eagle)-X joint air exercise that started on August 28 in Northwest China, which is organizing joint training on typical combat scenarios including air defense and countermeasures as well as seizing and control in a move to boost the two sides’ joint training level and interoperability, Global Times reported.

The Chinese side deployed aircraft including the J-10C, J-11B, J-16 fighter jets and the KJ-500 early warning aircraft in addition to HQ-9 surface-to-air missiles, and the Pakistani side sent the J-10CE and JF-17 fighter jets.

Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) forces participating in the China-Thailand Blue Strike-2023 joint naval exercise, including the Type 071 comprehensive landing ship Simingshan, the Type 054A guided missile frigate Anyang and the Type 903A comprehensive replenishment ship Chaohu, embarked on the return voyage from Sattahip, Thailand on Sunday after completing all training missions from September 1 to Saturday.

The joint drill practiced subjects including urban warfare, light arms live-fire shooting, sniping tactics, rappelling, cross-deck helicopter landing, well dock operations, humanitarian aid, establishment of field hospitals, formation maneuvering and joint anti-submarine and light communications, as the two sides learned from and improved each other, enhanced mutual trust and deepened friendship.

The China-Singapore Cooperation-2023 joint ground exercise started on Wednesday in Singapore, four years after the last edition of the Cooperation joint exercise in 2019.

Focusing on joint urban counter-terrorism operations, the drill is expected to enhance professional training levels and further deepen mutual trust and friendship.

Other recent Chinese military interactions with foreign countries include the Pure Homeland-2023 multinational joint mine-clearing operation in Cambodia and the ongoing far sea training visit tour by PLA Navy training ship Qi Jiguang to Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Fiji.

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