As China’s first high altitude, high speed, and long endurance armed reconnaissance UAV system that had made its maiden flight, WJ-700 UAV is exhibited at this year’s Airshow China, attracting wide attention with newly equipped high technologies including the country’s first domestic one-ton thrust turbofan engine featuring high performance and high reliability and the use of many carbon fiber composite materials.

The Global Times learned from its developer, No.3 Research Institute under the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC), that all these upgrades make WJ-700 more flexible and intelligent, which will allow it to realize key capabilities such as one-button self-detection, autonomous inbound and outbound, one-button take-off cruise and autonomous return and landing of the UAV, greatly improving the system’s reliability, reducing the control difficulty of the flight crew and the maintenance intensity of the ground crew.

The upgraded WJ-700 UAV can equip multiple advanced missiles, airborne photoelectric equipment, SAR radar, electric detection radar and other early warning, surveillance and security equipment. Compared with medium long-endurance UAVs, the WJ-700’s reconnaissance efficiency has been exponentially improved over the same period of time.

In addition to carrying multiple types of reconnaissance loads, the WJ-700 UAV can carry glide guided bombs, air-to-ground missiles, anti-radiation missiles, anti-ship missiles and other types of airborne weapons to carry out long-range ground attack, anti-radiation operation and long-range anti-ship operation.

At the same time, it can quickly reach the mission area to carry out strike and clearance tasks. With the high altitude and high-speed flight characteristics, it can release weapons at a maximum kinetic energy, easily reach a range of 50-80 kilometers, and realize the destruction of enemy missile sites, airports, command posts and other key targets outside the enemy defense area.

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