CAIRO (Agencies): Egypt has announced its role as the host for the upcoming Bright Star 2023 joint military exercise, featuring the participation of 8,000 troops hailing from 34 different countries. The exercise is scheduled to commence on August 31 and will span until September 14, according to a report by Anadolu.

Colonel Gharib Abdel Hafez, the military spokesperson, emphasized that this exercise holds the distinction of being the largest collaborative training endeavor in the Middle East. The primary objective of the Bright Star exercise is to foster enhanced military cooperation among nations and jointly address prevailing threats and risks.

A statement by Colonel Hafez was accompanied by a video on his official Facebook account, showcasing the arrival of troops from the participating nations as they gear up for the intensive training.

With a biennial frequency, the Bright Star exercise has earned its reputation as one of the most substantial multinational military drills worldwide. Notably, the previous edition of the exercise, held in 2021, brought together military personnel from 21 countries in a demonstration of international cooperation and preparedness.

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