TEHRAN (Agencies): In a significant development, Russia has successfully delivered its inaugural shipment of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) to Pakistan through Iran, as confirmed by Mohammad Reza Berahmand, the head of Sarakhs Special Economic Zone. This pioneering LPG delivery, totaling over 100,000 metric tons, traversed the Iranian special economic zone situated in the northeastern Khorasan Razavi province, ultimately reaching Pakistan’s Sistan Va Baluchestan province.

Berahmand highlighted the historic nature of this LPG transit operation, which was completed within a span of six months. Additionally, he disclosed ongoing negotiations between Moscow and Islamabad for a subsequent LPG cargo delivery to Pakistan via Iran.

LPG, a fuel gas containing propane and butane, finds application in heating appliances and vehicles.

The move aligns with Islamabad’s broader energy cooperation aspirations with Moscow, driven by the pursuit of cost-effective fuel alternatives amid economic challenges.

In the coming months, a high-level Pakistani delegation is slated to participate in an energy conference in Russia, where discussions on long-term contracts for importing Russian oil will take place, signaling Pakistan’s commitment to diversifying its energy sources.

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