MOSCOW (Agencies) – A new unit, composed of former fighters from the Wagner private military company (PMC), has officially integrated into the Russian Armed Forces and is set to rejoin the conflict in Donbass, as reported by the unit’s commander to Russian media. This new force, named ‘Kamerton’ (‘tuning-fork’), has been formed using ex-mercenaries and is now part of an elite Chechen ‘Akhmat’ Special Forces group that has been involved in the ongoing conflict between Moscow and Kiev.

Videos have surfaced online, showing the former Wagner fighters undergoing combat training at a base in the Donbass, as seen by RT. The footage reveals unit members engaged in various activities, including operating reconnaissance and combat drones, simulating storming enemy defensive positions and trenches, and utilizing artillery, mortars, and heavy armor in simulated combat scenarios.

The unit’s commander emphasized their determination to “continue their work,” whether they fight as part of the Wagner PMC or regular forces. The Akhmat Special Forces detachment is a component of the Russian National Guard, an internal military force that reports directly to the president and the head of the national security council.

The unit commander, whose identity remains undisclosed, stated, “We have a contract with the motherland” when discussing the unit’s current status. He also mentioned that his formation had established an “absolute understanding” with the Akhmat commander, Apti Alautdinov, and had largely been allowed to maintain their “methods,” combat tactics, and internal structure. The Russian military has fully equipped the unit, according to the commander.

The exact size of the new unit remains unclear, but reports indicate that it includes company-level tactical groups. Armored and artillery components are reportedly staffed by former Wagner fighters, and the assault teams have received reinforcements, with former Wagner PMC members making up approximately 60% of the teams’ personnel.

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