GAZA CITY: Even before recent bombardment of Gaza, conditions there were dire. The strip is home to 2.2 million people , 70% refugees, 50% #children, and is 365 square kilometres wide. 

It is completely besieged under Israeli military occupation and 16 years blockade, by air, land, and sea. 

Since the start of the October 2023 aggression:

•Gaza Strip: > 9500 martyrs, including more than 4000 children, 3000 women, and >20000 wounded.

•West Bank: > 150 martyrs and more than 200 wounded

• 1 million civilians suffering from the warcrime of forced evictions/displacements in Gaza  #Warcrime 

War crimes are being committed against Gaza residents; no shelter, no safe passage, no food, no water, no electricity, no medicine, no minimum regard to human needs or dignity ! 

Immediate rescue, protection and assistance is an obligation, those who don’t address Israel with the truth now, are implicitly providing cover for the Israeli crimes against humanity. 

Palestinians in Gaza 

Our hearts are with you

may God protect you  ?

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