ABUJA (Agencies): In a gruesome attack on a village in north-central Nigeria, at least 50 people were killed by gunmen in two separate incidents.

The attack happened in Umogidi village in Benue state, where 47 people were killed on Wednesday, and three others were slain a day earlier. While there was no immediate claim of responsibility, local authorities suspect the involvement of herdsmen who have a history of clashes with farmers over land disputes in the region.
The attack has once again brought to light the ongoing conflict between agrarian communities and nomadic cattle herders across Nigeria’s northwest and central regions. The farmers accuse the herders, mostly of Fulani origin, of grazing their livestock on their farms and destroying their produce, while the herders claim that the lands are traditional grazing routes that have been in use for decades.
Benue state, often referred to as “Nigeria’s food basket” due to its abundant harvests, has been one of the worst-affected regions in the long-standing conflict. The clashes have resulted in decreased agricultural yields over the years, causing further hardship for families already struggling with poverty and hunger. The authorities have launched an investigation into the recent attack, but the incidents have once again highlighted the need for a lasting solution to the crisis.

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