BAGHDAD (Agencies): Yemen’s Ansar Allah militia (better known as the Houthis) have reportedly established an office in Baghdad, Iraq, with the apparent push to cement their growing regional clout coming amid their continuing guerilla blockade campaign in the Red Sea against Israel and its allies.

The new office is situated in Baghdad’s Al-Jadriya district, about 2 km from the heavily fortified Green Zone, which includes the US Embassy compound and other foreign embassies, across the 14th of July Bridge on the other side of the Tigris River.

A Houthi delegation led by Al-Sharafi visited the headquarters of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Forces last Friday, with the Yemeni militia leader characterizing the Yemeni and Iraqi militias as an “inseparable unit.” Over the weekend, Al-Sharafi visited with tribesmen in Samawah and other southern Iraqi provinces.

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