TEL AVIV (Agencies): The escalation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict that followed Hamas’s surprise large-scale attack on the Jewish state from the Gaza Strip on October 7 shows no signs of abating.

On Thursday, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reportedly carried out another raid on the al-Shifa hospital, following Wednesday’s attack on the medical complex. The raids were staged as Hamas denies claims that medical facilities are being used as cover for the Palestinian militant group’s operations.

Human Rights Watch (HRW), meanwhile, stressed that Thursday’s UN Security Council resolution should be a “wake-up call” for Israel. In particular, the document calls for “urgent and expanded” humanitarian pauses and corridors throughout Gaza.

This comes as the Palestinian telecommunications company Paltel warned that Gaza remains on the verge of a communications blackout due to a lack of fuel, which the HRW said would endanger the lives of scores of Palestinian.

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