New Delhi (Agencies): In a significant move aimed at promoting domestic manufacturing, India has imposed restrictions on the import of laptops, tablets, and personal computers with immediate effect, according to a government notice issued on Thursday.

The notice stated that the import of these electronic devices would be permitted only against a valid license for restricted imports. This step is part of India’s broader strategy to strengthen the local manufacturing sector and reduce reliance on foreign imports.

During the period from April to June, electronics imports, which include laptops, tablets, and personal computers, amounted to $19.7 billion, showing a year-on-year increase of 6.25 percent. Electronics imports currently make up around 7 percent to 10 percent of India’s total merchandise imports.

Industry experts believe that this restriction represents a forceful push to encourage manufacturing within the country. Ali Akhtar Jafri, former director-general at the electronics industry body MAIT, highlighted that the government’s intention is not merely a gentle nudge but a decisive effort to boost domestic production.

India has been actively promoting local manufacturing through various initiatives, including offering production-linked incentives in more than two dozen sectors, including electronics. These efforts are aimed at attracting significant investments in IT hardware manufacturing, covering products such as laptops, tablets, personal computers, and servers.

Furthermore, the government has extended the deadline for companies to apply for its $2 billion manufacturing incentive scheme, indicating its strong commitment to foster growth in the IT hardware manufacturing sector and bolster self-reliance in the electronics industry.

With this move, India is taking decisive steps towards building a self-reliant and robust electronics manufacturing ecosystem within its borders. By reducing imports and boosting domestic production, the country seeks to strengthen its economy and create more employment opportunities in the technology sector.

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