NEW DELHI (Agencies): The Indian Air Force is reportedly making preparations to establish the first squadron of indigenous LCA Tejas Mark1A fighter jets at the Nal air base in the Bikaner district of Rajasthan, near the border with Pakistan, as reported by ANI.

The initial batch of LCA Mk1A jets is expected to be delivered to the Indian Air Force in early 2024, replacing the aging Soviet-era MiG-21s.

India has achieved a significant milestone, taking nearly 40 years to introduce a domestically produced combat jet into its air force. Currently, two squadrons of Tejas LCA are operational, conducting missions regularly, including near the northern and western borders with China and Pakistan.

This deployment comes amid rising tensions and perceived nuclear threats in the region. The geopolitical landscape has witnessed increased volatility, with concerns about security relationships and actions from neighboring countries, especially China and Pakistan.

Simultaneously, Pakistan has been grappling with internal challenges, employing military strategies such as sending suicide bombers across the Line of Control (LoC) and deploying drones supplied by Turkey to drop arms, ammunition, drugs, and fake Indian currency near the LoC or international borders.

Moreover, Pakistan has been actively pursuing its missile program, conducting tests of medium-range ballistic missiles equipped with multiple independently targetable reentry vehicles (MIRVs). This has raised concerns about the stability of the region and potential consequences for India, prompting a focus on bolstering its defense capabilities, including the deployment of advanced fighter jets like the LCA Tejas Mark1A.

As both nations continue to invest in their military capabilities, the situation underscores the complex dynamics and strategic considerations in the Indo-Pacific region, with a delicate balance of power and the ongoing quest for deterrence amid evolving security challenges.

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