Baghdad *News Agencies*: The transportation authorities in Iran announced they reached an understanding with Iraq regarding the relaunch of the train trips between Tehran and Karbala.

The head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Railways, Miad Salehi, said that an understanding has been reached with Iraq on linking the railways between Shalamcheh in southwestern Iran, and Basra in southern Iraq, as well as an understanding on relaunching the train trips between Tehran and Karbala, Mehr News Agency reported.

During the meeting of the Iranian-Iraqi joint committee in Baghdad, both sides reached an agreement related to the railway sector, especially the acceleration of the railway line link between Shalamcheh and Basra, Salehi mentioned.

The joint committee also announced the readiness of the two parties to link the railway between the two countries through the Khosravi border crossing on the Iraqi-Iranian border, Salehi illustrated.

Salehi added that both sides agreed on re-launching the Tehran-Karbala train trips as it was a successful experience attracting a large turnout.

The link between Shalamcheh and Basra is a continuation of the East-West international transit corridor project. Once completed, this project will lead to significant economic, social and political gains for both Iran and Iraq, Mehr News Agency added.

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