Iranian authorities announced yesterday that they had arrested an Israeli Mossad cell which planned to assassinate nuclear scientists in the country.
Local news agencies reported that the Prosecutor General of Sistan-Baluchistan province, Mehdi Shamsabadi, had confirmed the arrests.
“The arrest of these Mossad operatives came after a complicated intelligence operation that lasted for eight months of monitoring,” Shamsabadi said, explaining that “there was so much evidence” against them that they did not protest at all when the arrest warrant was issued.
“The case is currently in the preliminary investigation stage and an indictment will be issued and sent to the court soon,” he added.
According to the official, the detainees are involved in the “dissemination of confidential information and documents.”
On 20 April, the Iranian General Intelligence in Sistan and Baluchistan confirmed the arrest of three Mossad spies by order of the judiciary.

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