Iran currently has enough enriched uranium to make four nuclear bombs, Israel’s outgoing military chief informed reporters on Friday.

“Iran today has enough enriched material to produce four nuclear bombs, three at 20 percent and one at 60 percent,” Israeli public broadcaster Kan reported outgoing Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi telling reporters.

Kochavi shared that over the last year, the Israeli army prepared three programmes to launch an attack in Iran as a retaliatory strike, unrelated to the nuclear programme, to destroy nuclear facilities supporting the nuclear project.

Regarding targets for the Israeli army in Iran, he shared: “If it comes to entering a major battle, military sites and additional sites will be included in the list of targets.”

Kochavi added: “We have been engaged in accelerating preparations to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities in recent years and many other types of targets.”

According to Kochavi, the Israeli army has improved its intelligence related to targets in Iran and prepared enough munition for all of them.

Kochavi also said that there are thousands of Hezbollah targets in Lebanon, ranging from underground arsenals to homes where missiles are hidden, noting that Israel has thousands of targets in Lebanon – far more than 3,000-6,000 targets.

On 16 January, Major General Herzi Halevi will succeed Kochavi as his term in office expires.

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