TEHRAN (Agencies): The CEO of the Iranian Defense Ministry’s Electronics Industries, Rear Admiral Amir Rastegari, claimed hacking two spy aircraft by EW (electronic warfare) systems near the country’s borders.
“Some time ago, an enemy aircraft moved within our FIR [Flight information region] borders and started emitting waves to gather intelligence, we disrupted the activity of the aircraft. The pilot of the aircraft thought that the system had a problem, so he called the base that the aircraft system had a problem and I will return; We have their conversations,” said Rastegari in an interview with Tasnim news agency.
“The next day, two more planes flew and started spying, this time, we disrupted both of them because we have achieved the capability in that bandwidth,” he claimed.
Rastegari added – “We have been engaged in electronic warfare for many years to protect the country’s space and air border, and every attacker who has tested it has realized our power.”
Earlier, Iranian naval commander Shahram Irani claimed on state television on April 20 that the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy (IRIN) forced a US Navy submarine to surface as it entered the Gulf. The claims were, however, denied by the US Fifth Fleet responsible for operations in the Middle East.
Shahram Irani told state media, “The US submarine was approaching while submerged, but the Iranian submarine Fateh detected it and carried out maneuvers to force it to surface as it went through the Strait (of Hormuz). It had also entered our territorial waters but corrected its course after being warned.”
This submarine “had approached the waters of Iran to some extent,” according to Admiral Irani, who said, “With the necessary warnings and with an escort, it changed its route and continued its way out.”
Irani further clarified that the American submarine in question was a “modern nuclear submarine named Florida” that had breached Iranian territorial waters in defiance of international law.
The navy commander called the US submarine’s action unprofessional and risky, adding that Iran would unquestionably report it to the appropriate international organizations to hold Washington accountable for invading Iranian sovereignty in the Strait of Hormuz.
The claims made by the Iranian Navy Commander were immediately dismissed by the US Navy’s Fifth Fleet, based in Bahrain, which in turn termed the claims “disinformation.” “A US submarine has not transited the Strait of Hormuz today or recently,” Commander Timothy Hawkins told Reuters.

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