BAGHDAD (Agencies): Iraq said it is donating ten million litres of fuel to operate generators and keep hospitals in the besieged Gaza Strip operational.

During its regular session yesterday, the Iraqi Cabinet agreed to donate fuel to Gaza’s hospitals to “alleviate the suffering of our brothers from the Palestinian people and to show solidarity with the people of the Gaza Strip,” a statement said.

The statement, however, did not specify a date for the fuel shipments or how they would be allowed into the blockaded territory.

On 4 November, Iraq announced that it was sending a third batch of humanitarian and relief aid to the Gaza Strip, including 11 tonnes of medical and humanitarian aid, which arrived at El-Arish Airport in Egypt.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has refused to allow fuel into Gaza, despite warnings that power outages at Gaza’s remaining hospitals will lead to the deaths of hundreds of patients on life support machines and babies in incubators.

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