Baghdad (Agencies) : An Iraqi official has suggested that Jordan will begin supplying Iraq with electricity in early October as part of an electrical interconnection project between countries in the region.

The source, who requested to remain anonymous, stated that Jordan would initially supply Iraq with one-third of the capacity agreed upon in the first phase.

“50 out of 150 megawatts will be delivered to Al-Rutba town in western Anbar governorate, and the rest will be delivered later to other areas in Iraq,” the source added.

Electricity supply to Iraq was supposed to begin at the end of August as both countries completed the required work, according to official sources from the two countries.

The source explained that the recent attacks on electricity transmission towers slowed down the launch of the project, adding that the rise in temperatures also had an impact, as specialists believed that waiting was better.

Iraq and Jordan laid the foundation stone for the project in October 2022, with the aim of providing the Iraqi side with 150 megawatts of electric power in its first phase, to be raised to 500 megawatts in the second phase and 900 megawatts in the third phase.

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