Baghdad ( – Iraq’s National Defense Industries Commission set a date for the delivery of the first batch of ‘Babylon’ pistols, and indicated that it is in the process of contracting with other countries to start producing four different types of guns, according to the Iraqi News Agency (INA).
“The National Defense Industries Commission started operating a handgun production line. Babylon pistol has been manufactured, and ‘Mesopotamia’ rifle will be produced later, and the first batch of pistols have been tested,” President of the National Defense Industries Commission, Mohammed al-Daraji, said in a statement to INA.
Daraji called on security forces to start using the Babylon pistol. He explained that this industry has security and economic benefits as it will reduce the high demand on imported guns and will save the hard currency.
According to INA, Director of the General Military Industries Company, Jalal Abbas Hussein, explained that the project of the pistol manufacturing has been implemented under a partnership agreement with a local company and a Chinese company.
“Firing experiments will take place inside our workshops, the first batch will include more than 10 thousand pistols and will be completed during the eighth month,” Hussein explained in a statement to INA.
Hussein also elaborated that this project will meet the needs of Iraqi security forces, and other types of guns will be added to the production process.

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