Gaza City/Washington (Agencies): Israel has agreed to implement a four-hour daily pause in military operations in parts of north Gaza, starting Thursday, according to the White House.

The move aims to create humanitarian corridors for civilians to leave and potentially facilitate the release of hostages. Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant stated that localized measures are being taken to allow the exit of Palestinian civilians, but he emphasized that these actions do not indicate a complete ceasefire.

As night fell, there were no immediate reports of a halt in fighting, and there was no direct confirmation from Israel. Talks between Hamas and Israel are ongoing, with no deal reached so far, according to political adviser Taher Al-Nono. The conflict, initiated by Israel in response to a cross-border Hamas raid, has resulted in significant casualties and raised concerns about a regional crisis.

The situation remains complex, with civilians facing challenges in accessing safe zones and the international community coordinating humanitarian aid efforts. US President Joe Biden expressed a desire for a longer pause, expressing some frustration with the timeline. The conflict continues to unfold, with both sides reporting heavy casualties in street battles and tensions escalating on various fronts.

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