RABAT: The Commander of Israel’s Air Force, Gen. Tomer Bar, is visiting Morocco for talks on enhancing bilateral military cooperation, according to the military, Anadolu News Agency reports.

Tomer held talks with the Commander of the Moroccan Air Force, General El Abd Bohamid, to discuss ways of strengthening military cooperation between the two countries, an Israeli military spokesman said in a statement.

The spokesman published a photo of the two military officials shaking hands after their meeting in the capital, Rabat.

There was no confirmation of the visit by the Moroccan authorities.

Last week, the Royal Moroccan Artillery Inspector, Mohamed Benouali, visited Israel as part of efforts to strengthen military cooperation between the two countries.

In September 2022, the Inspector of the Moroccan Royal Armed Forces, Belkhir El-Farouk, visited Tel Aviv and attended an international military conference there.

In 2020, Israel and Morocco announced the response to bilateral diplomatic relations, after their suspension in 2000.

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