• Reports claimed items were found in car which belonged to Jordanian lawmaker

AMMAN (Agencies): Israel has arrested Jordanian MP Imad Odwan for allegedly trying to smuggle weapons and gold into the occupied West Bank.
Reports circulated on social media said that Israeli authorities foiled an attempt to smuggle the items at the King Hussein Bridge (Allenby) border crossing.
The reports claimed that the items were found in a car which belonged to the Jordanian lawmaker.
An official source told Arab News on Sunday that the Jordanian government was notified about the arrest of the politician.
Requesting anonymity, the source declined to share the name of the arrested lawmaker but said that the government was working on ensuring his release.
Media spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Sinan Al-Majali said the ministry was following up on the incident.
Jordanian MP Andre Hawari hailed his colleague as a “hero,” saying he was sending weapons to the “Palestinian resistance.”
Members of the politician’s tribe were reported to have marched towards the bridge to express solidarity with Odwan.
Jordanian lawmakers issued statements on Sunday, urging the government to “swiftly” work on bringing their colleague home.
Odwan, 34 from the city of Salt, is a lawyer, holds a Master’s degree in international law, and is a member of the Palestine Committee in the Jordanian Parliament.
He is considered one of the young deputies in the Jordanian parliament, and has many political stances opposing the government.

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