I am writing to express my concern about the persistent ego issues within our university system, particularly among teachers and students. These ego clashes hinder the healthy academic environment and obstruct the pursuit of knowledge.

Teachers, who are supposed to be mentors and guides, sometimes let their egos overshadow their commitment to education. Instead of fostering open dialogue and encouraging critical thinking, some teachers exhibit an air of superiority. They dismiss students’ ideas, discourage questions, and fail to recognize that learning is a collaborative process. This behavior not only demoralizes students but also perpetuates a toxic atmosphere.

On the other hand, students are not immune to ego issues either. Some students harbor resentment towards their peers, engage in unhealthy competition, and refuse to collaborate. Rather than supporting each other, they vie for recognition and accolades. This ego-driven mindset prevents the exchange of ideas and stifles creativity.

Why does this matter? Learning Suffers: When ego takes precedence over learning, both teachers and students miss out on valuable insights. Education should be about growth, not personal validation. Innovation Stifled: A healthy academic environment thrives on diverse perspectives and innovative thinking. Ego-driven conflicts hinder the emergence of fresh ideas. Mental Health Impact: Constant ego battles create stress and anxiety. Students feel pressured to prove themselves, while teachers grapple with maintaining their authority.

What can be done? Self-Reflection: Teachers must introspect and recognize when their ego interferes with their teaching. Humility and openness foster better learning experiences. Empathy: Students should empathize with their peers. Collaboration and mutual respect lead to a richer educational journey. Conflict Resolution: The university administration should promote conflict resolution workshops. These sessions can equip both teachers and students with effective communication skills.

In conclusion, it is time to prioritize the pursuit of knowledge over personal egos. Let us create an environment where curiosity thrives, ideas flourish, and everyone—teachers and students alike—can learn and grow together.


M Shamim Uddin


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