The Hajj pilgrimage represents a deeply spiritual journey for millions of Muslims worldwide. However, the recent Hajj season tragically highlighted the need for improved safety measures and management practices.

Many pilgrims, particularly the elderly, faced immense physical strain due to the scorching heat waves, a factor predicted in advance. The current healthcare system lacked the necessary proactive steps to address these anticipated conditions. Sadly, this resulted in a significant loss of life and numerous injuries.

Furthermore, concerns arose regarding the quality of services provided to pilgrims. The economic aspect of Hajj raises questions about the responsibility of Hajj providers, particularly Sheikhs, to ensure basic human rights are met during the pilgrimage.

The harsh weather conditions exposed the vulnerabilities of pilgrims with limited financial resources, who were forced to endure these hardships while wealthier individuals had greater access to amenities.

Arisha Irshad Ali


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