Mithi is the beautiful and clean city of Tharparkar. The people of Tharparkar are known for their hospitality and caring nature. New tourist points are built in the heart of Sindh, so people around the globe understand the intrinsic threads of the history of Sindhi, which is very delectable and poetic in nature. significance to culture Pakistan’s largest coal deposits are located here, making it the country’s future centre of energy. The centre of Hindu culture and the oldest religion is Mithi. Mithi, a city rich in cultural legacy, is well-known for many things. Bhitt Ghadi.

Things don’t end here because, along with its natural beauty, Mithi’s land is filled with peacocks, which makes its land more asthetic. How beautiful it is to see a dancing peacock in the season of rain! These views give you a glimpse of the wonders of creation. How beautifully he made the mithi! The people of Mithi have their own significance because they are the ones who continue the traditions of Sindh and give life to this barren land. There are two Sindhis who were singers in the Gadhi Bith. Allah Bachayo, who was a native of Mithi, has been singing here in this place for the past 10 years. This shows how people are strongly attached to their traditions. Their heart strings are bonded with the land of the Mithi. These singers used to bring peace to the hearts of tourists with their melded voices. The voice touches the soul and gives you goosebumps. Being a Sindhi When I heard the Qaalam of Shah Abdul Laftif, my heart bled. The holistic poetry made my heart bleed with the heroic words and meladious voice. The sad part of this is that both singers are playing the basic instruments. One singer is using the plate (utensil) and the wooden stick to create background music for their song, and the other is using the dhol (drum). The fusion of both instruments was so lovely because of how they both managed with the resources they had and brought peace through their voices. These are the talents of Sindh, which doesn’t get any chance to show its talent at the global level.

Our Pakistani youth is full of talent just like them, but they lack platform. They don’t have the means through which they showcast their voices, which are only backed by the handmade instruments. Allah Bachayo shares that at first it was hard to maintain the financial stability of the home just by singing because people love to listen to it but won’t give preference to it. In terms of money, singing is not a profession in which you get money easily. Even though the singing profession asked you for daily practice, after working hard in this field, Allah Bachayoo is still not earning well. Their physical appearance gives you a real-life illustration of their financial situation. As Pakistanis, we must support their voices and help them find a platform.

Arisha Irshad Ali


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