MOSCOW (Agencies): Russia has initiated the assembly of its domestic luxury car brand, Aurus, in the United Arab Emirates, as announced by Deputy Prime Minister Denis Manturov. The production begins with the Aurus Senat executive sedan, recognized as the official limousine of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Future plans involve expanding manufacturing to include the Aurus Komendant SUV, although no specific timeframe has been provided.

Additionally, there are intentions to establish a dealership center for the sale and customization of Aurus cars in the UAE, positioning the country as a hub for supplying Russian luxury vehicles in the Middle East.

Deputy Prime Minister Manturov mentioned potential expansion plans, stating, “We are considering expansion. First, we will firmly establish ourselves here in the UAE, and then we will move forward.” Responding to inquiries about a possible Aurus showroom in Saudi Arabia, he added that the Middle East and North Africa regions are viewed as the primary export destinations for Aurus cars in the foreseeable future.

Aurus, introduced in 2013 by order of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade to replace predominantly foreign-made cars used by top Russian officials, initially debuted during President Putin’s inauguration in May 2017. The luxury vehicles were later made available to the general public in both domestic and foreign markets.

The Aurus Senat sedan starts at $443,700, while the Aurus Komendant is priced from $447,000, according to the Panavto dealership website.

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