MANSEHRA, Oct 30 (APP): A three-day Matrix Tech Summit 2022 which was organized by the Hazara University in collaboration with the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on Sunday concluded at the varsity here.
The summit was aimed at bringing the attention of youth to the rise and importance of Technology in today’s world.
In the Metrix Tech Summit 2022 Pakistan’s top-notch tech start-ups, investors, and era specialists participated where more than 30,000 attendees, 50 speakers, 50 exhibitors, and unlimited activities were organized in three days.
Metrix Tech Summit also hosted 15 international guests, including top-level tours from around the world, sponsored by leading government ministries and private and international corporations.
Idea pad for entrepreneurs is another platform offered at Metrix Tech Summit, the main idea behind that is to develop an entrepreneurial mindset amongst the youth of Pakistan. The idea pad was the most anticipated pitching competition for entrepreneurs in Pakistan.
The E-sports tournament was another activity that Metrix Pakistan offered in the three days Tech Summits to help potential Pakistani youngsters interested in the gaming industry. E-sports tournaments were comprised of multiple categories and the top played games in Pakistan other than Metrix Pakistan has encompassed the Cyber Security Conference.
Cyberspace has recently attracted the attention of many developed and developing countries. The scale of the problem, rapid advancement, and technical nature of Cyber-attacks widens the skills gap.
To create Cyber-Security awareness and ensure knowledge spills over to society and for that, there is a dire need for a domain-specific scientific platform in the region to provide a knowledge-sharing venue for researchers, academicians, and industry experts.

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