Dr. Hidayat Ullah Khan, GS – AAPRA, the All Allottees Peshawar Residencia, and Dr. Ghayour Ahmad, Member Core Committee – AAPRA today met with the honorable Senator Naseeb Ullah Baizai and apprised him of the current state affairs of Peshawar Residencia (PR), Suarizai launched in 2019 by PHA-F and still placed in the back burner. AAPRA Core Committee and its members are grateful to the honorable Senator, for sparing some time from his busy schedule and listening to the hardships of the allotees of PR Suarizai.

The delegation informed the honorable Senator that out of total over 8000 Kanals land allocated to PR Project, more than 4700 Kanals land is clear, demarked, surveyed, and undisputed while at the moment, there are over 1100 allottees of different categories of housing units, who have paid their down payments and/or installments. 

Therefore, according to ground reality, the undisputed and clear land is more than enough for the existing allottees. The reminder of over 3400 Kanals of land, which is disputed is for the potential future projects of PHA-F, for example, high-rise apartment buildings that are not even publicly offered by PHA-F till date. So why the real allottees are to be suffered because of some half-backed idea of PHA-F pertaining to some imaginary stakeholders.

The PHA-F is setting on hefty sums of money, comprising the head earned amounts deposited by the allottees and that of the KP government since 2019. However, the refund by PHA-F is after 10% deductions while the invested money has shed more 45% of its value as compared to that at the time of deposit. 

The delegation requested the honorable Senator for playing a proactive role in the upper house for the early initiation of the project.

The Senator assured the delegation that he will play whatever possible role on the floor of the senate including moving a motion on the issue and sending the issue to the concerned Standing Committee of the upper house, once the Senate Session is resumed after the Eid ul Adha break.

Meanwhile, the honorable Senator asked the AAPRA to come up with a well-written working paper supported with documentary evidence.

The meeting ended with a note of appreciation and thanks to the honorable Senator and Mr Naeem Kakar,  who have made this meeting possible.

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