Peshawar (Staff Report): In a momentous academic achievement, Mr. Ahmad Gul, an Afghan citizen and Lecturer at Nangarhar University – Jalalabad, has triumphantly defended his M.Phil research work in Journalism & Mass Communication at the esteemed University of Peshawar. The captivating defense took place on Wednesday, August 30, 2023, marking a significant milestone in Mr. Gul’s academic journey.

The focal point of Mr. Gul’s thesis was “The Role of Social Media and Academic Needs Gratification of University Students: A Case Study of Laghman University – Afghanistan.” The thesis explored the intricate relationship between social media usage and the fulfillment of academic needs among university students, with Laghman University in Afghanistan serving as the backdrop for a comprehensive case study.

Under the diligent guidance of Dr. Bakht Zaman, Assistant Professor at the Department of Journalism & Mass Communication (JMC), Mr. Ahmad Gul meticulously crafted his research, delving into the multifaceted implications of social media’s influence on the educational journey of university students. The intellectual rigor of his work was further assessed by Dr. Rahman Ullah, Chairman of the Department of Journalism & Mass Communication at Kohat University of Science and Technology (KUST), who evaluated the thesis.

The viva voce examination, a hallmark of academic rigor, was chaired by Professor Dr. Faizullah Jan, the eminent Chairman of JMC at the University of Peshawar. The oral examination provided Mr. Gul with the platform to elucidate his findings, defend his methodology, and engage in scholarly discourse with a panel of esteemed academics.

Mr. Ahmad Gul’s journey to academic excellence has been marked by dedication and a quest for knowledge. As an Afghan citizen, he has played a pivotal role in higher education, and his role as a Lecturer at Nangarhar University reflects his commitment to nurturing the academic growth of future generations.

It is worth noting that Mr. Ahmad Gul’s pursuit of higher education was made possible through the prestigious HEC Allama Iqbal Scholarship for Afghan students, a testament to his scholarly prowess and dedication to advancing educational boundaries.

The successful defense of his M.Phil research work not only underscores Mr. Gul’s commitment to scholarly inquiry but also contributes to the body of knowledge in the field of Journalism & Mass Communication. His research is poised to impact the discourse on the intersection of social media and academic gratification, offering insights that resonate beyond the confines of his academic journey.

As Mr. Ahmad Gul embarks on the next chapter of his academic and professional voyage, his accomplishment serves as an inspiration to aspiring researchers and scholars, demonstrating that dedication, perseverance, and scholarly rigor are the cornerstones of meaningful academic contributions.

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