MUZAFFARABAD (Agencies): The Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) leadership has strongly condemned India’s decision to hold a meeting of the G-20 Tourism Working Group on May 22-24 in Srinagar, the capital of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

AJK Prime Minister Ch. Anwar Ul Haq in a statement issued here on Thursday while referring to the disputed nature of the Kashmir issue, said that India’s contentious decision to host the G-20 Summit event in the occupied territory was a flagrant violation of the United Nations’ Security Council resolutions and the United Nations’ Charter and international law.

He made it clear that such actions cannot hide the reality of Jammu and Kashmir. “Kashmir is an internationally recognized conflict that has been pending on the agenda of the United Nations’ Security Council for more than seven decades”, the PM said, adding that India cannot hoodwink the world community by using such tactics.

The Prime Minister said that by hosting an international conference in Srinagar, New Delhi cannot deflect the attention of the international community away from Kashmir that has been reeling under relentless oppression for the past several years.

Urging Muslim countries, who are currently members of the Group 20, to take effective notice of the worsening political and human rights situation in the region, Anwar ul Haq said that Muslim countries of the G-20 Turkey, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia should boycott the upcoming event being hosted in Srinagar.

Referring to the Indian government’s nefarious designs in the region, the PM said that India was trying to mislead the world and hide ground realities by hosting a high profile event in Jammu and Kashmir, the disputed territory which it had occupied illegally against the wishes of people of the territory.

He said that the Indian government unilaterally and illegally changed the special status of Kashmir in August 2019, in brazen violation of the UNSC resolutions. He said that it was high time that the member countries of the highest forum should realize the Indian motives behind holding the summit events and its far-reaching consequences on Kashmir.

The PM said that the people of Kashmir have been demanding implementation on UNSC resolutions that guarantee the right to self-determination to the people of Kashmir. He said that it was imperative that the G-20 nations should realize their moral obligations and play their much-needed role to resolve the lingering dispute peacefully, thereby pursuing the Indian government to allow Kashmiri people to exercise their right to self-determination and determine their political future through free, fair and impartial referendum.

Meanwhile, Opposition leader in AJK legislative Assembly Ch. Latif Akbar while addressing a press conference at Press Club, also condemned the Indian government for what he said an attempt to mislead the world community by organizing the event on a territory not part of its union rather than illegally occupied.

He said the member countries of the G-20 are the signatory to the UN resolutions on Kashmir declaring the territory as disputed and demanding the resolution through an imperial plebiscite under the UN supervision.

Akbar was of the view that holding the even on a disputed territory was in violation of the international law and UN resolution and demanded the member countries to take cognizance of the misleading act and influence it to change the venue.

He said the oppressor was attempting to create an impression that she had restored peace in the occupied territory and the same has become part of its union which was wrong and unacceptable by the people of Jammu and Kashmir struggling for right to self-determination for decades.

Former Prime Minister and Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz leader Raja Farooq Haider Khan also led a protest demonstration in front of Press Club against holding G-20 event in Srinagar and demanded the member countries to refrain from attending the conference and ask India to hold somewhere else at its own territory. The protesters chanted Anti Indian and pro-freedom slogans demanding the United Nations to ensure implementation of its resolutions on Kashmir.

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