PESHAWAR: Retired employees of Allied Bank Limited (ABL) have asked the government to direct the management of the bank to pay them their pending pension dues immediately and halt creating hurdles and delaying tactics in this regard.

Talking to Khyber Mail, Peshawar, Muhammad Irshad Tanoli, ex-vice president of the ABL on behalf of 2800 retired employees of the ABL said that despite knocking at apex court’s door, as well as bringing this matter into the notice of government high ups, parliamentarians, but to no avail so far unfortunately.

Also, a petitioner& attorney on behalf of 2800 retired employees of the ABL, Irshad Tanoli, said that they have been fighting for their due right for over a decade, though Apex courts have decided in their favor, we have to get justice yet.

He said that they are in extremely poor financial condition can hardly afford to engage services of a senior advocate, whereas banks purchase services of heavy weight lawyers who always manage to steer the court away from facts and merits of the case and waste years to resolve and settle issues like maintainability, jurisdiction, competence to file suit or issue orders etc. Even courts do not question their non-appearance on given dates.

He maintained that in this year so far almost 100 of our colleagues have died. Last year more than 300 expired. The banks and their lawyers deliberately delay and procrastinate the hearings with the hope of demise of remaining voice raisers.

Irshad Tanoli explained that a civil suit, filed by the 22 petitioners decided by PHC, on 22.01.2018, in favour of retired employees of ABL , after continues struggle of 10 years.  Allied Bank filed an appeal against the said judgment before SCP,  during this period,  when the Bank’s appeal was pending before the learned court for decision,  195 retirees having domicile of  various cities, throughout Pakistan filed 10, CMAs before the August court requesting therein, to include their names as party, in the captioned case of 22 petitioners, who won their case from PHC, and appeal their against is pending before SCP. The August Court , very kindly disposed off these CMAs petitions, with the directives that , at the current stage their name couldn’t  be included as a party but, they plus all others having the same grievances  will be benefitted from the decision of the case, hence entire retired employees who have been mishandled by the Bank management  became entitled  from the judgment of PHC.

He continued that bank appeal against these 22 petitioners was decided in favour of Retired Employees on 25.09.2020. Later on Allied Bank Filed Review Appeal against the Judgment of SCP, which also dismissed on 17.01.2020, in favour of Employees, meanwhile the retirees filed Execution petition before Civil Court Peshawar, Allied Bank deposited unconditional surety Bond before the concerned court for the implementation of SCP judgment. The Decree holders, got issued orders, for the attachment of Allied Bank, properties & Accounts being maintained with SBP, Peshawar, for the payment of decreed amount, Allied Bank filed Objection Petition before Civil Court, which was dismissed in fevour of Employees. Later on Allied Bank Filed an appeal before D&SJ, against the Implementation of SCP orders, which was also dismissed in favour of Employees, and now Allied Bank is waiting the result of its appeal pending before PHC, and creating hurdles, and applying delaying tactics, so that the old retirees should die one by one and their right should not be paid in their lifetimes.

Besides above case of 22 Ex-employees, 05 other suits have also  since been filed by1826 retirees before Session Court Peshawar , in accordance with the directives of SCP, referred hereinabove through CMAs, wherein all ex- Employees, having  the similar grievances  are entitled  to get the same  retirement  benefits  from the Bank, as 22 petitioners have got the decree, He said. But Allied Bank have engaged the influential   lawyers, who use their forums to pressurize the Courts, and use delaying tactics, by way of filing new applications before the various courts, so that the processes should be delayed and the poor elderly retirees should die one by one, he concluded.

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