KARACHI (APP): Administrator Karachi Dr. Syed Saifur Rahman Thursday said that after a gap of 16 years, angiography machine has been activated at the Karachi Institute of Heart Diseases (KIHD) and treatment of patients has started.

Department of Cardiology and Cardiac Medical and Surgical ICU have been added to KIHD after which the facility of diagnosis and immediate medical assistance will be available to the patients of a large area of Central District.

He said this while addressing the ceremony organized on the occasion of signing the MoU of Research General at KIHD. Earlier, Administrator Karachi inaugurated the Department of Cardiology and Medical and Surgical ICU Ward in KIHD.

The KIHD is the first hospital in Sindh which is going to publish a research journal on cardiology which will be a milestone in the field of heart diseases.

KMC runs 13 major hospitals and Abbasi Shaheed Hospital is also being improved. Every possible effort is made to maintain the facilities that have been made functional in the medical institutions of KMC.

On this occasion, Executive Director KIHD Dr. Rifat Sultana, Deputy Executive Director Dr. Sirajul Haq, Secretary to Executive Director Shah Amirul Haq, Coordinator to Executive Director Sajid Ali Khan, Dr. Asif Khan, Biomedical Engineer Adnan, Dr. Shamoon Shah, Professor Dr. Hamid Shafqat. and others were also present.

Administrator Karachi Dr. Syed Saifur Rahman said that earlier KIHD had two echocardiography and one ETT machine which have been relocated and now there are six echocardiography and three ETT machines available while Cardiac Medical and Surgical I.C.U has also been inaugurated with 18 beds, the existing angiography machine has also become functional after a long time and today patients are being treated on it.

He said that it was necessary to activate the angiography machine in the cardiology hospital, now the OPD of peads is also being done here.

An MoU has been signed by KMC with technical partner AEIRC to publish the KIHD research journal which will be registered with various international organizations and original articles will be added to it.

Times have changed, progress in the world is due to research, now people ask for reference of everything, we should see what was said about heart disease worldwide till May 11, 2023 and how much research has been done on which medicine and diseases.

All the research that has been done in the world has to be combined and presented according to our socio-economic scenario and we have to see which diseases are important here and then we should plan their treatment.

He said that in any educational and research institution, academic depth and research is a must, for this it is our responsibility to strive continuously, tirelessly and provide the best environment, every moment and every minute of our coming days should be utilized for the improvement and development of KIHD.

Administrator Karachi said that the KIHD is the second largest institution for the treatment of heart diseases in the city.

Approval for the repair of the existing angiography machine and the purchase of a new machine has also been granted.

The board of the KIHD is independent and consists of highly dynamic and excellent experts in their field.

Peads Ward and Rehabilitation Department to start work soon in KIHD.

He congratulated the management for adding new departments at KIHD after which this hospital will cater to the needs of Cardiology treatment for a huge population in the Central District. KMC is doing its best to equip this hospital with the best facilities.

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