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In order to review the recent developments, and their pros and cons for the BPS University Faculty, the central cabinet of All Pakistan Universities BPS Teachers Association (APUBTA) held an online meeting, yesterday. 

 The members expressed their deep concerns over the damages inflicted by the discriminatory and ruthless promotion policy of the HEC that has benefited certain quarters of the workforce of HEIs and badly tilted the balance between the BPS faculty and the rest vis-a-vis seniority. Besides, the members expressed their strong dismay over the HEC’s delaying tactics during the course of the APBUTA struggle for the last two years and so, which has cast doubts in the minds of many. It is an open secret that the suffering of BPS faculty is immense due to decades-long neglect and apathy of the concerned quarters.

The members expressed that the provision of back date promotions (from the date of the Departmental Track Review Committee – DTRC) for TTS and the lack of any promotion policy for BPS has created great unrest and a sense of deprivation among the BPS faculty.

While APBUTA is closely observing the situation as it unfolds, it has asked the teaching community of countrywide universities to get ready for a befitting response including agitation, strike, and sit in.

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