• APUBTA announced a protest and sit-in in Islamabad if discriminatory policies by the HEC are not resolved by October 12.
  • APUBTA is a countrywide representative forum, aiming to work for raising the standard of teaching and research in universities and to safeguard the legitimate rights of Basic Pay scale teachers in universities.
  • Currently, APUBTA has members from at least 100 different public sector universities.

• In 2001, the University Grants Commission was replaced by the Higher Education Commission under HEC ordinance 2002.
• Section 10q of the HEC Ordinance 2002 empowers HEC to provide minimum criteria and qualifications for appointment and promotion of services of the faculty.
• Until 2008, HEC did not provide any promotion guidelines for teachers.
• In 2008, HEC introduced a new system of highly paid employees called the Tenure Track System (TTS) in Universities.
• Job description of both the cadres is the same.
• BPS faculty has a permanent job structure and are paid an average of Rs. 108 Million in the whole 30 years of service life and 20 years of pension/retirement life while TTS faculty has no pension but they are being paid Rs. 180 million in 30 years service life.
• HEC provided a complete structure for the career growth (promotion) for the employees hired under the TTS but ignored the already existing employees working under the BPS.
• HEC further directed that the seniority list would be the same both for the existing employees (BPS system), and the newly hired employees under TTS that created severe seniority problems
• Promotion policies for academic staff are in practice worldwide including universities in the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia and Japan etc.

• BPS faculty comprises 88% (40, 000) while TTS faculty merely is 12%. Along with the huge discrimination in salaries, BPS faculty is also denied career growth opportunities.
• In most cases, the junior and less competent TTS faculty members are moving to the senior ranks while the senior, competent, and experienced BPS faculty members are stuck on the same scale due to no promotion policy for them.
• This discrimination has created serious problems related to seniority and a severe sense of deprivation and has disturbed the conducive working environment in universities.

Proposed Solution
• The representatives of the All Pakistan Universities BPS Teachers Association (APUBTA) raised this issue with HEC.
APUBTA has proposed a promotion policy to HEC in similar lines to the policy, which is in practice for the TTS faculty since 2008.
• In the last two years, APUBTA has conducted 30 meetings with the HEC.
• APUBTA has also brought the issue to the notice of the National Assembly and Senate Standing Committees on Federal Education.
• Last year, HEC circulated a draft promotion policy with all the VCs for feedback, where no objection is recorded on the same draft.
• On October 15, 2021, HEC committed that the problem will be resolved until December 2021.
• On March 10, 2022, an agreement was signed between the HEC and APUBTA in which HEC committed that the issue will be resolved by the Mid of May 2022 but the solution is still pending.

We demand that HEC should implement section 10 (q) of the HEC ordinance and should approve statutes for the promotion of BPS faculty with backdating benefits to protect seniority on the same lines that it has done for the TTS faculty and HEC own administrative staff in 2009 under the same ordinance.
We further request that the Prime Minister of Pakistan may announce the promotion policy for university teachers on Salam Teachers Day, October 5, to avoid the sit-in and protest on October 12, 2022, in front of HEC and Secretrate at Islamabad.

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