Yesterday in the morning an APUBTA delegation comprising of Prof. Dr. Mushtaq Sajid from Uni of Kotli AJK, Dr. Sami ur Rahman, Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad, and Dr. Javed had a meeting with the new Chairman HEC, Prof. Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed and the delegation congratulated him on the new position.

The issues of BPS faculty were discussed briefly. Chairman HEC said that he would need some time to understand the issue. President APUBTA handover him the proceedings of the APUBTA-HEC meetings, APUBTA response to different observations raised by the HEC, and a handbook of two years struggle of the APUBTA and other materials.  

The meeting of the standing committee was held. In today’s meeting, HEC submitted its report /comments on the issue and it was decided that further discussion on this issue would take place in a meeting of the standing committee on 17th August. APUBTA will give its response on HEC’s observations in the meeting on 17th August to resolve the issue.

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