The All Pakistan Universities BPS Teachers Association (APUBTA) Dr Sami ur Rahman, GS Dr Imtiaz Ahmad and Prof Dr Altaf Dawar yesterday had a detailed meeting with the MNA Mr. Mohsin Dawar.

The president briefed him about the violation of HEC ordinance for promotion of BPS teachers and its consequences on the higher education. The MNA noticed the discrimination and deprivation and assured that he will talk to the Education Minister for resolving the issues of Universities teachers. The GS added that HEC had made an agreement with APUBTA on March 10, but unfortunately breached the same and failed to resolve the issues by the mid of May. So the APUBTA is going for a sit-in in front of the HEC headquarters at Islamabad on June 15 that shall be continued until resolving the issues. 

The MNA Mr. Muhsin Dawar assured that he will play his positive role for granting the legitimate rights as per HEC ordinance before the June 15, 2022.

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