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The president APUBTA, Dr Sami ur Rahman and GS, Dr Imtiaz Ahmad attended the BPS teacher’s meetings at the University of Peshawar and with teachers of Agricultural University Peshawar yesterday.

Various faculty members attended the meetings to make a strategy for attending the peaceful protest and sit-in in front of HEC on June 15. The APUBTA president briefed the faculty about the legitimate fundamental rights and achievements made so far in the last two years’ struggles during more than 30 meetings with HEC. The GS discussed the agreement made between APUBTA and HEC in presence of Deputy commissioner ICT Islamabad and then breaching of that agreement by the HEC. The faculty shared their sufferings and discrimination with the APUBTA leadership. The ASA president for agricultural university Dr. Bashir Ahmad and Mr Arif Arif Khan from the University of Peshawar organised the meetings. Dr Jawad Ullah, Dr Wiqar un Nisa also attended the meetings as members of the core committee. The faculty members assured full support and affiliation with the association for achieving the longstanding fundamental legitimate rights as protected in the HEC ordinance and as notified by HEC as an agreement on March 10, 2020. The faculty showed their grievances on breaching the mutually signed agreement.

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