The APUBTA core committee members yesterday had a meeting in Sargodha with the MNA and Member standing committee on higher education, Mr Hamid Hameed. The core committee members Dr. Muhammad Imtiaz Shafiq and Dr. Rizwan Ullah Kokab briefed him about the discriminatory actions of HEC towards the university BPS Faculty as a result of which 40,000 BPS Faculty are suffering from non-availability of promotion policy and service structure. The members emphasised that APUBTA is striving for resolving the issues and had a series of meetings with HEC but unfortunately HEC is continuously violating its ordinance. It was also discussed that HEC has breached the written agreement that was made during the protest in front of HEC on March 11 to resolve these issues.The MNA Hamid Hameed shown his concern on this situation and assured that this matter will be taken on standing committee agenda and APUBTA’s representatives will be given an opportunity to discuss all these issues on official platform. The committee members added that APUBTA strongly believe in solution of issues through negotiations but HEC always breaching its commitment that leaves no other options but to stage  again a sit-in in front of HEC on June 15, that shall be continued until the discriminatory issues are resolved and promotion statutes are notified. The members requested that standing committee may play its role for a peaceful resolution before the deadline of sit-in.

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