ISLAMABAD: APUBTA core committee has questioned the HEC plan of introducing a third parallel track for university teachers, and asked as HEC could not handle the present two parallel systems, how would it handle three parallel systems?

The core committee APUBTA expressed that instead of making the affairs of higher education further complicated, HEC should honor its commitments done with the APUBTA for solving the problems of the existing 40,000 faculty.

 The core committee discussed the matter and assure the community that the BPS faculty members should not be worried about this new adventure by the HEC. HEC has already done similar experiments in the past that resulted in the present decline of higher education standards. APUBTA hopes that HEC will not opt to cut its own feet while experimenting with a third parallel system. HEC completely failed, as she cannot properly handle the two systems, so how she will manage the three parallel systems? The APUBTA declared that the experiment of a third system without evaluating and reforming the existing two systems would lead to the complete destruction of our higher education systems.

The Core committee APUBTA emphasized that HEC should first analyze what went wrong and then should think about a new adventure. Core committee APUBTA expressed that HEC is trying to escape from the genuine demand of the existing 40,000 BPS faculty for the implementation of section 10 (q) of its own ordinance. APUBTA shall continue its struggle for the implementation of Section 10(q) of the HEC ordinance and for uplifting the standards of higher education. 

APUBTA further request the BPS community not to be worried by any propaganda campaign and should stay focused on its mission for achieving their legitimate rights of service structure with the protection of their seniority.

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