ISLAMABAD: The matter of service structure for Universities’ BPS Teachers was discussed in the National Assembly standing committee meeting today as the first agenda item. The President APUBTA Dr. Sami ur Rahman and GS Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad attended the meeting at the Parliament House Islamabad.

The convener of the standing committee for Higher Education Mr. Sami ul Hasan Gillani asked about the work done on the issues of BPS promotion policy. Mr. Nazeer Hussain DG Coordination HEC explained that HEC has conducted some meetings but requires some more meetings to finalize its recommendations.
Chairman Standing Committee said that in the last meeting, he had directed HEC to submit the final proposal and wind up the matter.
The forum decided that if HEC is not honoring the clear directives of the standing committee even after consuming enough time, the Standing Committee shall impose the E&D rules on concerned officials.

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