ISLAMABAD: Thousands of Basic Pay scaled teachers yesterday staged a protest in front of the HEC for their service structure that is granted by the government of Pakistan in the HEC ordinance 2002. 

The protest was called by the All Pakistan Universities BPS Teachers Association, APUBTA which was welcomed by the countrywide university teachers and recorded their protest in great numbers. The protesters chanted slogans for their legitimate rights and demanded the government to close the paralyzed higher education commission, which is responsible for wasting public money on a failed project and enjoying discriminatory positions with higher salaries including motivation for investment in fake publications and discriminatory policies which damaged the esteemed institutions and the commission. 

The protesters further demanded implementation of HEC ordinance section 10-q for service structure and demanded inquiry of implementation of section 12(2) for promotion policies of HEC officers that is responsible for the facilitation and implementation of ordinance in true spirit but not for lion shares. 

The protesters demanded FIA and other agencies for a high-level inquiry into the fake division of the teaching community on the same duties and investing billions of rupees through this unlawful fake division and derailing the university’s teachers and declining the education standards. 

The protesters and the representatives strongly rejected the keen acts of HEC for making calls to the vice-chancellors to stop their teachers from staging a peaceful protest for face-saving and hiding the inefficiency and financial corruption through odd and discriminatory policies. How in one Organization specific categories can be allowed for discriminatory seniority and only BPS teachers can be deprived in presence of clear provision?

The protesters strongly condemned the breaching of signed agreements. The APUBTA representatives appreciated the Assistant Commissioner and the magistrate Islamabad who noticed the nonprofessional behavior of the HEC while present in the failed negotiations. Why the ED HEC, who understand and worked on the issue, responsible for the implementation of the ordinance and previously signed agreements was not allowed for negotiations? The APUBTA leaders rejected the delaying tactics of HEC for making committees after a committee and highly condemned disowning the previous commitments with the ex-Chairman and management. The government should take strict notice of this unprofessional and brutal behavior of the HEC as this may harm the country badly.

APUBTA shall soon resume its protest in January for the closure of Hired Education Commission, HEC which is responsible for miss financial management, recruitment, division of teachers, and appointments of VCs against merit and has badly damaged the standards of higher education with an effective strategy.

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