• By: Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad

The Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Shahbaz Sharif has taken a bold step to increase the required justified budget for the CFY 2022-23 of higher education. The IBC of Rs 30 billion was recommended by the Finance Department against the justified demand of Rs 104.983 billion by the HEC.

This huge blind cutting was indeed criticized by various forms of Higher Education. The All Pakistan Universities BPS Teachers Association (APUBTA), the VCs forum and the HEC had condemned the huge cutting in the budget for Higher Education.
Higher education has a high impact on the country’s presentation and prosperity but usually, all this has been badly ignored even in the democratic government. Higher education and the employees in higher institutes around the country are very badly dealt with at par of other government employees. Unfortunately, in the last two decades, no proper attention is given to these employees. As a result, higher education is declining and indeed it has produced a very bad impact on the country as reported.
If scroll back a few years, the employees of higher education are usually on continuous strikes for salaries, DRAs, allowances, promotions, bad discipline, and other problems in the universities. The odd and illegal, cruel matter of re-reappointment in the name of promotion has indeed ruined the system in the universities. This has encouraged the administration and VCs to favoritism, nepotism, discrimination, and to promote groupings in the institution. Mostly, each university has 80 percent of court cases being affected of these cruel policies.
The discriminatory policies of HEC and the illegal division of teachers have also raised several questions regarding mismanagement of finances, differences in salaries for same duties and usage of public money in the name and race of publications. All this is done in violation of its own ordinance by the HEC. APUBTA is requesting HEC and the Federal Ministry of education to stop the violation and discrimination for the last few years but in vain. The interest of Mr. Shahbaz Sharif in higher education shows that very soon the higher education shall come back to its formal status. The respect for higher education shall soon restore the dignity and honor of employees and universities. Being the main stockholders, the BPS teachers are on strike for their legitimate right of promotion, which has been ignored and denied for years by the HEC in violation of the HEC ordinance 2002.
APUBTA is extremely thankful to the Prime Minister for enhancing budget of the higher education that was required. Indeed, this has increased the honor of the PM. APUBTA now kindly appeal the PM for taking strong action against the violation and to direct the HEC to notify promotion rules for the BPS teachers that has been jointly framed and signed. This kind action shall be helpful to grant the fundamental right of promotion and to call off the strike and sit-in of all BPS teachers at countrywide university on June 15, 2022.

  • The Author is working as Associate Professor at the University of Malakand.

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