• Syed Wasim Ahmad

It is often kind of amazing and surprising when we look at great accomplishments around us, and we think and praise those brave souls who made it possible.

Whatever the accomplishments are what we see around us, for example, the buildings we see around us are now gigantic structures.
Great minds with the passion, love and respect have designed and built these mega structures.
Have you ever thought about it that how did the people who built it actually got into this position, it is quite obvious that we would assume that these people have learned it from someone and that someone has also learned it from a person in the past and so on.
Have a look at the successful nations and people of the world. Great accomplishments have been achieved by great minds in every field of life. These minds once were just like the other minds in a society, but the fact is that they got lucky and had dedicated teachers. Those teachers taught these minds how to use the maximum capabilities, the maximum potential of their mind. Just like a huge building which requires competent people to built, nations require people who educate the masses of a country, of a nation. Teachers are the people who play their part in building a nation, to make it strong and prosperous.
For each and every successful person, there always will be great teachers. Teachers are a special kind of builders who are trained to teach in a way so that the receiver receives what has been delivered. Teachers are the backbone of the education institution and so hold an important position in a society. The more educated the people of a country are, the more successful that nation will be. Through education comes advancements in a society, and it is because of education that the world we live in is divided into first, second and Third World countries.

All around the world, teachers are looked upon as role models for a society and holds a special and respectable position among the people of a society.
The importance and need for good teachers starts the day we are born, and our parents become our very first teachers, and we look to them and learn what we see. After a certain age a child goes to school, then to college and university and during all these phases, teachers teach them how to become more productive, how to become good human beings. Teachers are the people having special training in transferring the required knowledge to the people of a society in a way so that society can become more peaceful, successful and secure. One thing to remember is that teachers, like all other human beings, can be categorized into less productive and more productive. This categorization can be done on the basis of the degree of accomplishment of transferring knowledge to fellow human beings.
If we think, and we think hard enough, we can come to an understanding of the importance of teachers in a society. No one can learn or become anything at their own because learning is a very delicate and complicated process which requires very careful supervision throughout the entire process of learning. No one can become a doctor, an engineer, a pilot or a successful businessman just by reading and learning by their own. All the mentioned fields and many more require proper training for years and at the end of that training and learning process, a more successful, confident and well-mannered human being becomes a part of the society.

A person starts from school education and climbs up the ladder of life and may stumble multiple times, but with the help of teachers, they overcome all these hurdles and gain success. The importance of teachers in the building up a society is evident from the fact that if there were no teachers, a book lying in front of us would have been no more than a piece of paper. It is because of teachers that we are able to see and read what is presented in front of us. One must keep in mind that becoming a good teacher is not an easy job and not everyone can become a good teacher until and unless hardships are suffered, and a lot of energy and hard work is put into place. Consider the example of a martial art teacher and the struggle of that particular person. It really is a very difficult path to follow, and the success comes at a high cost of absolute dedication of body and mind. After years of training, a person becomes an expert in this field and becomes ready to teach others. It is because of these great personalities that people of a country acquire knowledge in different fields of life, thus making a society, a country more productive
and successful. One cannot become an expert in their required field of education without the help, support and guidance from their teachers.
It is very unfortunate that the situation regarding the state of teachers in our country is not up to the required standards. The importance, care, respect and support they get is way below what actually is deserved. The society and the government somehow are unable to understand the importance of teachers in the building of a successful nation. A very serious matter to be considered is the salaries they are paid at schools, colleges and universities, and it is totally unfair. The cost of living has gone much higher in the last few decades or so and the raise in the salaries in is not in accordance with it. The government has successfully implemented rules regarding raising the salaries of teachers employed, which still needs much more consideration.
The situation in the private sector is not very encouraging. The minimum standard of salary set by the government for teachers is neglected at private educational institutes. It is also important to note and mention here that it is not true for the whole of the private sector. There are some institutes working under private sector which offers a very reasonable amount of reward for their teachers, but looking at the bigger picture, the situation needs much more attention from the concerned authorities.
Another very important and serious matter at hand is the level of respect these teachers have in the educational institutions. I would like to share a brief incident relating to the issue at hand. It is about a teacher who teaches at a well known private sector school. This one day, this teacher said something to a student which was considered deviant or hostile by the student, although there was no such thing in actual. The teacher told student to be well-behaved so that he/she can become a successful person in life. Anyhow, the parents of that student approached the school administration and complained about the behavior of that TEACHER. It is more confusing that upon hearing those parents, the school administration asked for an explanation from that teacher.
It is a very good and professional attitude that all the teachers are kept under radar, so that if by any chance a teacher commits a mistake, he/she must be made accountable for their actions.
Even if there is a situation where the teacher is found responsible for doing something that must not have been done, a very professional attitude needs to be presented by the administration. The self-respect of the teacher must be maintained at all costs. Teachers, just like all of us, can commit a mistake because like all of us they too are humans.
A very competent and hardworking teacher in my family used to work at a private school. The reason for leaving the job was low salary as compared to the amount of work load at school. This teacher had to look after so many other things besides actual teaching. So many other responsibilities were handed over to that teacher and to my knowledge all the responsibilities were handled very professionally. Despite of reminding the school administration many times regarding raise in salary, that teacher had to ultimately resign from the job. There are so many other teachers who are working in different educational institutions at salaries very low as compared to what they actually deserve. It is very unfortunate for us that we are unable to recognize dedicated and hardworking teachers amongst us. Such teachers a gift for humanity, and they need to be treated the same way in return. The government has made laws for
safeguarding the rights of teachers but are not properly implemented. There must be a proper check and balance system from the government side to ensure that the laws have been properly implemented and acted upon.
A very famous writer Ishfaq Ahmad once shared their personal experience when they were in Italy. They said that once they had to appear before a magistrate because of the delay in payment of a fine. This delay according to Ishfaq sahib was because of their teaching commitments, and so they had to appear before a magistrate. The honorable magistrate asked Ishfaq sahib the reason for the delay in paying the fine. Ishfaq sahib explained it to the magistrate that he is a teacher and due to some work load he was unable to pay fine in time. Ishafq sahib said that upon hearing that I was a teacher, the magistrate stood up from his seat and so did everybody else in the whole courtroom. The magistrate said loudly, ‘’ a teacher is in the court’’. I was asked to sit on a chair because the magistrate said ‘’how can we sit while a teacher stand’’. That day, Ishfaq sahib said, I became aware of the actual reason behind the success of nations.
Let us take this one example and keep it in front of us and see if our society is giving teachers the same level of respect. If the answer is ‘’yes’’ then we should be satisfied with ourselves and our society, but if the answer is ‘’no’’ then we should be well aware of the actual reasons and solutions to this serious problem. It is a fact that the presence of a good teacher can greatly influence the learning process. The learning capabilities of a person’s mind are enhanced by teachers with their special training and dedication. Our society is blessed with many great teachers whose services are not availed by the government and their talent goes wasted. A lot of very good teachers are unable to find the required job which is a very serious issue to be addressed. It is very unfortunate for our country that no clear and fruitful policies regarding teachers have been designed and properly implemented. We need such policies and we need very serious attitude from the government in solving these issues at hand. We as the citizens of a society need to show very responsible behavior on our part. We can and should remind the government from time to time to keep a proper check and balance system so that the government can have know how regarding actual situation. It can be accomplished by writing to the concerned authorities about the problems faced by teachers at every level because we owe this to our teachers. Whatever we are, where ever we are, if we are successful in our lives it is all because of the hard work, guidance and proper teaching of our teachers. Let us raise our voice for the rights of the ‘’Builders of Nations’’. Let us remind ourselves that we must always speak of them with respect, and we must also tell others to do the same, because this is the kind of respect these BUILDERS deserve

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